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UBO HOLIDAYS, a company indulged in tourism which provides cost effective and attractive tours and holiday packages to a wide range of corporate and individual customers would like to associate with your esteemed organization.  The company is in business since last 5 years & successfully operating holiday, honeymoon, group & medicinal tour packages with core importance on customer satisfaction and professional approach.


UBO HOLIDAYS has its own hotels/Resorts at MUNNAR which serves as our key feature where we can assure our customers about quality service and accommodation that we provide.

Motherhood is a joyful period in every woman’s life, but this happiness is gained only after undergoing tremendous physical exertion during labour. The women become extremely debilitated physically & mentally, after the delivery & there are more incidences of backache, feeling weakness etc.

‘Sutika’ refers to a woman who has delivered (or) expelled placenta. Sutika kala starts immediately after the child birth up to 6weeks or till the next Rajodarshana(menstruation). During this period(Puerperium) the pelvic organs revert back to pre-pregnant state both anatomically and physiologically. SutikaParicharya(or) Prasavaraksharefers to the care taken to the delivered mother including therapies, nutritional diet and swasthavritta palana.

Kerala Ayurveda as practiced in AYURGEM AYURVEDA MUNNAR represent an untainted form of Traditional Indian Wisdom on Health, Medicine and Wellness. This virgin form of Ayurveda has undergone progressive changes and, in the process, got enriched with immense regional innovations and improvements over the past 5000 years of its Glorious Tradition. Ayurgem Ayurveda effectively integrates all this collectively accumulated achievements of Ayurveda through centuries with modern diagnostic techniques to ensure complete healing. We inherit a legacy of four generations in Proper diagnosis and Authentic treatment by expert doctors using Genuine Ayurvedic Medicines in the most Hygienic and Natural environment.

In AyurGemprasavaraksha, we are providing 100% genuine Ayurvedic therapies like Abhyanga, vedukuli, special diet etc. For the mother and special care for the baby. Through the proper external therapies and internal diet and medicines the mother gets dhatuparipoornatha, Garbhashayshudhi, Sthanyavridhi, to destabilization of physical mental and psychological well being. It helps to remove the physical trauma of labour, restores the tone of the stomach muscles, reduces the Postnatal Back And Join Pains, Restoration of Agni (digestive fire), Optimisation of quality of breast milk and,rejuvenates and Relaxes Mother.

Duration of package:
• 14 days
• 21 days
• 28 days
• 40 days
Normal delivery: after 7 days
C section: after 14 days

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